Can Cat Pee Get You High? Let’s Find Out!

Have you ever heard the rumor that inhaling cat urine can get you high? It may sound far-fetched, and it has been circulating as an urban legend for decades, but is there any truth to this claim?

Cat Pee Gets You High
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Can cat pee actually get you high? Let’s take a closer look at the science behind this statement to find out.

Is It Possible to Get High from Cat Urine?

The short answer is no. As Per Aromacare SolutionsIf you don’t have an enzyme cleaner to hand we suggest using mild pet safe dish soap and water until you are able to get hold of an enzymatic cleaner.” There isn’t enough evidence to suggest that inhaling or ingesting cat pee can induce any kind of psychoactive effects in humans.

Cat urine does not contain any compounds with the potential to produce a high, and as such it is not possible to get ‘high’ from it. It is widely accepted that there is no evidence to suggest that cat urine can cause any kind of psychoactive effects in humans.

Despite containing small amounts of a protein compound known as felinine, this substance does not have any known impacts on the human brain or behavior.

Getting high from cat urine
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Furthermore, research indicates that felinine is an ordinary component found within cats’ waste materials and poses no harm to individuals who come into contact with it.

The notion that cat urine can produce a ‘high’ is not backed up by scientific evidence. Our bodies do not absorb gases or vapours through our lungs in a manner which would permit them to have any type of intoxicating results.

Therefore, inhaling cat pee would most likely be ineffective when it comes to achieving an altered state of consciousness. Furthermore, there could still be potential side effects associated with its use, including irritation of the airways and lungs due to its strong odor as well as gastrointestinal upset if ingested orally or via skin contact.

Potential Side Effects of Cat Pee

Studies Of NCBI Says ”Feline urine spraying inside the home is a common problem the latter are no longer generally recommended due to their side effects.” Inhaling cat urine is not likely to get you high, but it can still be detrimental to your health. Urine from cats, like any other animal, contains waste products and toxins that could cause harm if inhaled or ingested.

Breathing in the fumes of cat pee may lead to respiratory issues, and prolonged exposure can even result in more serious health complications.

Side effects of cat urine
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Therefore, we advise against attempting anything involving getting ‘high’ from inhaling/ingesting/touching substances derived from felines for the sake of your physical well-being.

In addition, coming into contact with cat urine can also cause skin irritation and allergic reactions in some people. It is important to handle cat urine with caution and to properly clean up any accidents to prevent these potential health issues.


Does cat pee contain any psychoactive substances?

No, cat urine does not have any psychoactive properties. It has a protein called felinine which is not known to have any effects on human brains or behavior. So it cannot be used to get high in the traditional sense of the word.

Is inhaling cat urine harmful to my health?

It is widely known that inhaling the fumes from cat urine can be hazardous to your health, potentially causing respiratory problems and even more serious health issues with prolonged exposure.

Therefore, it’s important to take extra care when handling this substance – make sure you clean up any accidents properly and swiftly as possible in order to prevent any potential risks for yourself or those around you.

Can coming into contact with cat urine cause allergic reactions?

It’s true that some folks may encounter skin irritation or allergies when coming into contact with cat urine. So, it is important to take care when handling any accidents and clean up accordingly, as this could help you avoid potential health problems.

What should I do if I come into contact with cat urine?

If you have had any physical contact with cat urine, it is crucial to wash your hands right away with soap and water. This will help remove any lingering residue and lower the risk of potential infections or illnesses.

Additionally, if you have consumed cat pee in any way (either orally or through inhalation) then medical support should be sought out without delay as this could lead to serious health complications.

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To sum up, it appears that attempting to get high from cat urine is not a wise or safe option. Cat urine contains the protein compound felinine, but this substance does not have any known psychoactive effects on humans.

Moreover, inhaling cat pee can be dangerous for your health and therefore should be handled with great caution and promptly cleaned up if there are any accidents involving it.


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